Just Get Here!

Hi! I’m Julie Kay, Owner & Operator of Mission Bay RV Rentals! I’m excited to share with you our story but before I discuss our amazing/ comfy RV’s, I want to share with you just how amazing MISSION BAY is! I feel like I grew-up here, as my family and extended family followed the Dutch/ European tradition of taking the entire month of August off to vacation & play! Mission Bay RV Park (formerly known as DeAnza RV Park) and Campland on the Bay became my HAPPY PLACE , and still is for my hubby and I!

Note: We deliver and Set-up at many other RV Parks throughout San Diego County, so when you know when & where you want to go, give us a call to rent our (as I like to say) BOUJEE RV’s!

Amidst all of the crazy hustle-bustle of ‘the world out there’… the pressures and deadlines and traffic, there is this amazing Oasis of FUN that makes us feel like we are young again!  Is that a beautiful ‘Fountain of Youth’ that we passed just inside the entrance by the Market? Our body yearns for the warmth of San Diego sun on our shoulders as we PLAY at the Beach … kids fishing in Rose Creek while toddlers are building castles in the sand.  The sound of laughter and good times tell the story!

Perhaps you remember our childhood memories of riding bikes as kids… the feeling of freedom riding in a safe place today is like non-existent ‘out there’ but here, our children and grandchildren love it!  Parents know CAMPLAND is secure and safe!  Then there’s the awesome skate park, basketball hoops, super fun dodgeball games, and of course the arcade and ice cream shop!  Did I mention the 2 fabulous swimming pools & 2 jacuzzis? FUN had by all… you can’t help to see HAPPY PEOPLE EVERYWHERE!

Every kind of tent, camper, pull trailer, 5th wheel, Class C and A imaginable… boats & jet skis, decorated mini/tiki bars and golf carts… we even saw some newly-weds riding a motorized loveseat!  Oh wait,  ‘Santana Soul’ is warming-up!  

We love the bands that play here and all of the FUN ACTIVITIES that the staff organize for kids & families: everything from treasure hunts to corn hole tournaments for all ages and skill levels.  You can’t be around all of this JOY without jumping in to play at your own pace, fast or slow, all is good!  Want to play the fastest growing game in America?  No problem… Pickleball is huge here!

We stroll over to the Cantina where the bartenders make our favorite drinks: my husband’s fave is the Campland Crush while I prefer The Flamingo!… Yummmm ;-).

Happy people… Happy leashed dogs, camp fires and s’mores, HAPPY EVERYWHERE!

We love riding our e-bikes around Campland and across the walk/bike bridge to the miles of Mission Bay Park bike paths.  No wonder people from all over the USA and Canada make it a priority to come to the HAPPY PLACE… being here will infuse positive energy into your body and soul.  Just Get Here!

[I’m not affiliated with CAMPLAND – just a huge fan, but now you know my thoughts about how staying in an RV in a place like this IS SO MUCH BETTER than staying in an expensive hotel/motel! Where are the kids going to play if you stay in a hotel? The lobby? Of course not. Instead of sitting in the hotel room playing video games or texting their friends back home, don’t you want them out playing with new friends in a safe & fun environment? Yes… yes you do!]


So now that you’ve decided that you want to vacation @ beautiful Mission Bay, you either pull your RV [think high fuel prices and time on the road pulling your rig] – or you may not have an RV and you’d like to rent one that is set-up for you!

THIS is where my story begins :-). While RV’ing @ CAMPLAND, I was noticing that there a several RV Rental companies to choose from, but all were expensive and bare-bones basic. Evidently, females were not consulted when they put together their business model because yes they have a mattress on the bed (you know cheap when you sleep on it) but never with sheets, blankets… a pillow. No these rental units are basic as it comes – no creature comforts. A few of these guys put in a 3 piece pan set that they got from a dollar store… perhaps a spatula and a spoon. REALLY? The worst part of all of this is that you feel like you’re a sales client. The rental unit will be pulled-in, set-up… swept-out when you leave, then set-up for the next client.

I spoke with Brenda who rented one of these rigs. She was not happy! I heard her story how her family flew-in from Bend, OR and once they arrived, the had to go shopping for sheets and pillows and blankets and a coffee pot along with food and beverages… I mean their rental RV had zippo inside! By the time she got back to the RV, she had to make the beds, get everything organized, everyone was starving so she made a meal for the fam… Brenda told me that she was exhausted and that this didn’t seem like the vacation she had anticipated.

So as a woman (and part-time Mermaid 😉), I decided to do things differently than these ‘basic-boys’. First of all, I don’t treat people as clients. I rent only to FRIENDS & FAMILY! If you want to rent one of our RV’s (more about the comfort features later)… you need to be my FRIEND. (I’m laughing now at what I am about to say next: IF you want to be considered FAMILY, you’ll have to figure out a way to marry into my Fam. I do have 3 beautiful daughters but your sons better be someone special! LOL). Becoming my FRIEND is probably your best option. 🙂

Being a FRIEND also entitles you to better pricing than the other guys! SO my business model says that YOU GET MORE VALUE and YOU PAY LESS than the ‘basic-boys’ offer!

Imagine flying-in and arriving to find your RV actually set-up… really set-up! THAT’S what I’m talking about!


First… Reserve your Space at your desired RV Park!

So CAMPLAND on Mission Bay is great… but as mentioned previously: we will deliver and set-up at other RV Parks in Greater San Diego & San Diego County… North from Oceanside and as far South as Chula Vista!